Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Winter Favourites: Cargo Suedeblush in Barbary Coast

I've been reaching for Cargo's Suedeblush in Barbary Coast a lot since the weather turned all cold and wintery.  It's a lovely pinkish plum with a glorious soft shimmer which warms up my face and adds definition and glow in one quick sweep.

Unfortunately, though, Cargo have gone and discontinued their entire Suedeblush line.  Damn you, Cargo.  Apparently their newer stripy BeachBlush is the closest thing you can buy nowadays.  I think I'll have to check them out sometime soon.

What's your favourite winter blush?


  1. I love cargo blushes. Such a shame they have discontinued the suede blush line. x

  2. For sure! Luckily the normal ones are still around and continue to have the same great formulation!


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