Sunday, 2 December 2012

Urban Decay Fun palette

Here's the third palette in Urban Decay's trio of limited edition 6-pan eyeshadow palettes. Gemma previously showed you the Dangerous and Feminine palettes. This one is the Fun palette.

NB These palettes have the same names and themes as a previous trio of UD palettes, but the shades are not the same.

So, first things first - IT HAS AN OCTOPUS ON IT. This clearly makes it amazing regardless of what shades it contains, but in the interest of thoroughness, I'll also be showing you the shadows, with some swatches.

The golden octopus on the front is set on a ground of sparkling teal glitter, with the brand name and logo above it, also in gold. Like its sisters, the palette is cardboard with a fabric outer. Its closure is a zip, also gold toned. Very attractive altogether.

Inside, the cardboard inner (which pops out, so you can use the fabric outer as a purse) is also covered with brightly coloured designs of octopuses and planets on a black background. Unimprovable!

Now for the shades... top left is Maui Wowie, a UD oldie which contains the infamous microglitter - you either love it or you hate it. It's a cool gold that leans slightly towards khaki. Then there's Deep End, a rich shimmering teal last seen in the 15th anniversary palette. Top right is Sellout, a pale champagne shimmery highlight-type shade. On the second row, Fishnet is a bright pinkish-purple with a blue duochrome. This used to be one of the UD Deluxe eyeshadows. Middle is Stray Dog, a hard-working taupe. On the right, Freakshow is another purple, this time deeper and more smouldering.

The palette also contains a titchy Lip Junkie lip gloss. It's a very pale, sheer pink loaded with multi-coloured sparkles.

You can buy this palette at BeautyBay, where it will cost you £25.

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