Saturday, 8 December 2012

Review & Swatches: Daniel Sandler Waterblush in Charm

I recently picked up Charm, the latest shade of Daniel Sandler's cult favourite, Watercolour Blush.  Charm is described as a pinky peach shade designed to flatter every skintone.  The first thing I thought when I read that description was that it sounded like a liquid version of Orgasm, which makes similar claims of their pinky peach shade.

Watercolour Blush's selling point is that it's a liquid blush, and this is a single drop applied to the back of my hand.  To use, you dip your brush gently into the liquid and buff onto the cheeks.  A drop per cheek works pretty well for me for a soft but still noticeable flush.  The Waterbrush shown above is an absolutely perfect partner to this blush - it has a mix of hairs to pick up as much product as possible, and is angled to allow easy application on the cheekbones.

You can see that this is quite similar to NARS Orgasm - it's a very neutral toned pinky peach which doesn't run too warm or too cool.  Like Orgasm, it has a decent amount of sparkle to it, although Charm boasts silvery shimmer rather than Orgasm's golden shimmer.

In the sunlight, you can see the subtlety of the colour and the gentle glow brought by the shimmer.  It's certainly not an in-your-face shade, but it's also not so subtle it needs building up on the skin.

The texture, being fluid, is incredibly light and once applied I can't feel it on my skin.  It also lasts really, really well - still visible after a long day's wear, which is more than I can say for some of my drier powder blushes.

Find it at Daniel Sandler's website - if you buy Charmed (for £14.50), you'll get the Waterbrush (worth £15.50) absolutely free - this is down to Charmed being a charity shade, with a donation being made for every one sold to Cancer Research UK.

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