Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review: Lush American Cream Conditioner

I bought Lush's American Cream conditioner recently as I realised I'd never actually tried a Lush conditioner.  Speaking with one of the lovely store assistants, I learned that American Cream is the second-richest conditioner in the Lush range, and given that my hair is pretty dry and frizzy, I snapped a bottle up.  Not least because of the amazing scent - American Cream smells of milkshake, with a definite vanilla edge, which apparently lingers in the hair for hours after use.

Having used it a few times now, I'm a bit underwhelmed.  The texture is a thickish fluid, and it doesn't have a huge amount of slip to it - it takes quite a lot to saturate my hair, and once coated I find it quite difficult to detangle my hair.  After rinsing, though, my hair is soft and light, sweetly scented, and feels moisturised if not amazingly well conditioned.  So, for dry, chemically treated hair, probably not the best match.

My husband, however, has recently started stealing my American Cream, and he absolutely loves it.  His hair is pretty fine, and falls into the normal category - not oily, not dry, just normal.  He says that American Cream keeps his shoulder length hair knot free and smelling great.

So there you go.  Good for normal hair, not good for dry hair.  Find it at Lush stores and online, where a 250g bottle costs £8.90.


  1. Sounds like I can give this a miss. I like my hair to feel super soft after and to feel like the conditioner is really working. Even is it is just silicones. ;) x

  2. I have this in my bathroom at the moment and I'm really not feeling the love! I have long hair and I've noticed it being really tangley since using this maybe its better for short hair? xx


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