Saturday, 1 December 2012

Quick Pick: Tony Moly Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack

Okay, I admit it.  I bought this product solely for the packaging.  It looks like a cup of coffee!  Complete with spoon and little package of milk!  So cute, seriously.  

The product itself is a "morning pack" which is actually a moisturising, smoothing gel-cream primer/moisturiser.  The milk package can be mixed in with the cream in the main cup container, acting as a booster to the base product.  Not quite sure what else it actually adds, but hey, it's in a coffee cup container.

The product itself is in the bottom part of the cup - the top twists off to reveal the peach-toned gel-cream underneath.

After adding the contents of the milk package, you can stir it all up with the included spoon (which is actually just a metal stick).  To use, you simply take a small dab of product and massage it into the skin - it's designed to be used before makeup, and has a smoothing and slightly tightening effect which makes a great base for foundation.

Mostly, though, it looks really cool in my bathroom.

Find it on eBay for around £15 - unfortunately Tony Moly is a Korean brand and not easy to get hold of in the UK!


  1. Oh that looks too yummy; literally, I was hoping it was drinkable! xx

  2. Unfortunately not! Luckily it doesn't smell wildly edible, so not a huge drinking temptation ;)


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