Thursday, 13 December 2012

Quick Pick: Melvita Fresh Micellar Water

Micellar waters are one of those things that are a bit of an insider's secret.  Bioderma make one of the most often spoken about: it's hugely popular and yet hard to find outside of France.  Melvita recently added a gently rose scented micellar water to their skincare lineup, and when I found myself outside their Covent Garden boutique recently, I had to buy a bottle.

I'm really glad I did - it's a fresh, floral cleanser which is surprisingly good at removing dirt and makeup given that it feels more akin to a toner than to a "proper" cleanser or makeup remover.  It dissolves the thickest, heaviest mascara and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean.  Granted, if you're wearing a significant amount of slap you may need to use a couple of cotton pads worth of this, but it will eventually defeat any amount of makeup and dirt on the skin.

The rose scent is sweet, not at all synthetic, and refreshing - it turns the act of cleansing from something basic into something a little more luxurious.  Lovely stuff.  

Find it at the Melvita website, where it costs £15.


  1. This product made me fall in love with micellar waters, I wasn't keen before. I love the rose scent too. x

  2. Good information thank you. I've tried several & didn't really like Bioderma but this one sounds promissing.


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