Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Quick Pick: Homedics Tanda Zap


Meet the Tanda Zap - a handheld vibrating battery operated device (stop smirking) which claims to clear breakouts via blue light, a gentle vibrating action, and gentle heat.  The theory is that whenever you feel a spot is about to emerge, or whenever one has emerged, you press the orange button and place the Zap atop the spot.  Done twice daily, it helps clear spots faster than they would otherwise disappear alone.

My husband believes that is a vibrating blue torch and that it cannot, in fact, clear spots.  My husband, however, is incorrect.  I've been using it twice a day (three times if I'm home in the daytime) on those big, nasty cystic spots caused by hormones, and they definitely clear faster with the treatment than they would otherwise.  From the first couple of uses on a fresh spot, the spot feels less inflamed and angry.

I'd definitely recommend this if you suffer from the odd hormonal breakout.  If you suffer from more persistent breakouts, though, I suspect that you'd end up exhausting it really quickly - the unit dispenses around a thousand two-minute bursts of blue light, vibration and heat, and then it's done.

Find it at Boots, where it costs £40.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. Sounds promising; at least they're not taking the mickey with their pricing xx


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