Thursday, 1 November 2012

Swatches: Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment in Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree

I recently received this Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment from whimsical brand Rouge Bunny Rouge when I bought two of their eyeshadows from Zuneta.  The product blurb for this one is a typically RBR story which doesn't really tell you much about the product itself, but it's basically a high shine loose eyeshadow which contains moisturising ingredients for an "elastic" texture and a "creamy" application.

The packaging is typically gorgeous, with intricate black designs winding their way around the thick plastic tube.  Uncapped, you find a sponge tipped wand with a pretty faceted top, which slots tightly into the tube and prevents the loose eyeshadow inside from coming out until you actually want it to, which is always a bit of a risk with a loose product.

Swatched, the Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree shade is a pretty classic golden toned shade, with a slight peachy/orange cast which keeps it interesting.  Straight from the wand, it's intensely shimmery and sparkly, and pretty damn pigmented too. 

Sheered out with a fingertip, you lose some of the peachy/orange cast and it just looks like a sheer wash of golden glitter.  I really like the colour - it's one of those shades which brightens up the eye area and makes you look awake.  The shimmer also makes it pretty good as a highlighter, although you'd need to use it sparingly to avoid going overboard.

The only annoyance I have with this product is the fallout you get when applying it.  It might be because the applicator is quite short and firm, and it also might be because the product itself is incredibly soft and light, but I can't help but get glittery bits under my eye when I use it.  Which is really annoying.  The demo video on the Zuneta website show a makeup artist pressing the product into the eyelid, but even with that technique, I still get fall out.

So, a lovely albeit slightly difficult to use product.  And of course, this being Rouge Bunny Rouge, it's also very expensive - £24 a tube.  I personally wouldn't go back for more colours - I think I can get a similar effect from something far more basic, such as a Barry M Magic Dust, for a lot less money.  If you quite fancy a go yourself, though, you'll find them exclusively at Zuneta.


  1. RBR also have their own site now at but Zuneta's shipping is cheaper.

  2. This color does look lovely, like you said, perfect to make one look awake.

  3. Ooh that looks lovely but I hate fallout, too!

    Lela -


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