Monday, 5 November 2012

Review: Terax Latte Shampoo

My quest to keep my hair clean for more than two days has led me to trying out shampoos which are more clarifying, less moisturising, and so when I spotted this Terax shampoo at BeautyBay, I decided to give it a go.  Formulated with a "gentle wash" system which doesn't include SLS, it promises to deep clean the hair whilst adding moisture and softness.

I've now used it a few times and I have mixed feelings about it.  It is indeed a very deep cleaning shampoo - my hair is almost squeaky after rinsing it out, and feels light and free of any product build up once dry.  I like this deep cleaning action, and can definitely feel the difference after use - despite the fact that I don't typically use any really heavy products (notably those with lots of silicone) which build up and leave the hair dull and weighed down over time.  However, it is quite a drying experience - most of my shampoos add enough moisture and slip that my fingers can comb through my hair easily before conditioner, but with this shampoo, I do feel some resistance.  I feel like a good dollop of conditioner on my dry mid-lengths and ends is really, truly necessary after using this.

If you use lots of silicone heavy products, or your hair is fine or oily, you might get on better with this shampoo than I do - I'll continue to use it occasionally for a deep clean, but I can't see it becoming a key part of my haircare routine - it just doesn't moisturise enough for me.

Find it at BeautyBay, where 355ml of shampoo will cost you £14.50.

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