Sunday, 25 November 2012

Quick Pick: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

When my skin suddenly went all oily after changing from the Pill to a contraceptive implant, I found that many of my liquid foundations were too creamy and rich, simply sliding off my face as the day wore on.  Luckily, I knew exactly what to get - Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation is a known quantity for its exceptional hold and reasonably full coverage.

I popped along to my local Boots and was matched to the lightest, coolest shade - Cool Bone.

The packaging is a grown up affair, with the foundation nestling in a heavy glass bottle with the signature Lauder golden cap.  Unfortunately, you don't get a pump, which I find a little annoying - tipping foundation onto the fingertips can often lead to a waste of product or over application, particularly as the foundation is pretty fluid.

Coverage is medium and buildable, and whilst the finish is on the matte side, it's not flat and lifeless.  The before and after above shows a little less brightness and radiance in the after (right hand side) photo, but I'll happily live with that for the coverage, which disguises most of my spots so that I need only a little concealer, without looking heavy and cakey.

Wear is excellent - I've been applying at 6.30AM and my foundation still looks fresh and in place at 8:00PM when I get home.  I do get some oil escaping through the foundation midway through the day - particularly on my forehead and nose - but it's nothing a little blotting can't fix.

Overall, I'm very impressed with Double Wear.  If I were going somewhere where I knew I'd be photographed a lot, I'd probably wear something with a less matte finish, but for everyday wear it's just perfect.  At £27.50 for 30ml, it's not cheap - but a little goes a long way, and lasts all day, so it's a price I'm prepared to pay again.

Find it at Estee Lauder counters and online via the Estee Lauder website, where you'll find 30 shades to match every skintone.


  1. What are the ingredients of the new formula? Thanks you.

  2. What are the ingredients of the new formula? Thanks you.

  3. I've unfortunately thrown away the box, but I will email the Estee Lauder PR team and ask for you :)

  4. The lovely Estee Lauder PR lady informs me that there's not been a reformulation, just a shade expansion - there are now 30 shades available :)

  5. I know this a little late for posting but oh well! According to the estee lauder main office, I was told that the removal of the spf 10, did indeed change the consistency of the makeup as well as the color. I have also been told by the clerks at EL counters that the make is the same...but it is NOT the same. I've worn the spf 10 version for 15 yrs...the clerk at EL counter doesn't wear this product. Hmmmm who ya gonna believe????


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