Thursday, 29 November 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in I Love Lacey

I bought these Sally Hansen nail wraps in the States in August, and have only just remembered that I'd yet to
try them out.  Salon Effects are different to plastic printed nail wraps in that they are made of actual nail polish (apparently).  Whatever they're made of, they're significantly more comfortable to wear than plastic wraps, as they are much thinner, and are barely noticeable on the nail edge.

You can see in the photo above that the design is incredibly thin, with no noticeable edge or overlap atop the nail.  That funny, scratchy, coated feeling is one thing I really dislike about wearing nail wraps, so the comfort of these is a major selling point in my mind.

The design, I Love Lacey, is a pretty red and black lace-and-flowers graphic which looks pretty cool and is very detailed.  Application is reasonably easy - you have to match the pre-cut decals to your nails, then peel off a protective coating, then peel off the polish itself and stick it to the nail, from cuticle to tip.  As with other wraps, the excess is stretched over the edge of the nail and then filed off - which does leave a little bit of a noticeable tip, but nothing really obvious unless you're in the habit of staring at your nails close up.

They claim to last for ten days - we'll see how well they do on that front.  Given the easy application, interesting design, and clean, shiny finish, I'd quite happily invest in these for a special night out, with any extra staying time being a bonus.

Unfortunately Sally Hansen don't sell these in the UK - DAMN YOU SALLY HANSEN - but you'll find them on eBay for £3 - £6.


  1. Rather interesting version of a nail polish! I'd recommend using 8 Hour Cream for dry cuticles, it's perfect :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation - I've got plenty of great things for dry cuticles, the problem is I can't stop myself from biting them :)


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