Friday, 30 November 2012

Lip of the Day - Paul + Joe Beaute 205 Strawberry Jam

We recently visited the Paul & Joe boutique in Knightsbridge for an audience with our favourite international man of makeup, Craig-Ryan French. He had a selection of new lipsticks to show us, as well as a new case system.

Paul + Joe Beaute is big in Japan, and accordingly the lipstick shades have tended to be sheer and subtle, as that's what the Japanese market demands. However, there's now a selection of finishes - sheer, natural, and full coverage. The one I have to show you, Strawberry Jam, belongs to the natural range.

Paul + Joe have also overhauled the format of their lipsticks. You can now buy a re-usable plastic case, along with colour refills which click into it. The refills include the metal inner casing, and the lipstick itself is embossed with the brand's new logo - a curlicued "P" and "J". You can also put these refills into the coveted limited edition "sparkle" cardboard cases, which come out seasonally.

Strawberry Jam is a semi-sheer, shimmery coral red. It's highly wearable and has a balm-like texture and a very light, sweet scent. Good for lipstick-n00bs or for those who prefer an understated lip.

At £12.50 per bullet, these lipsticks are not too expensive (although you also have to factor in £5 for the case). If you wanted to buy one case and various refills, it's cheaper - although you would have to be careful not to lose the flimsy plastic caps that come with the refills and protect the lipstick from the air.

Find Paul +Joe Strawberry Jam lipstick at, where it will cost £12.50 for 3g

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  1. This is a gorgeous lipstick. I have never tried paul & joe, their packaging is lovely. x


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