Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Review: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Eyeko is one of those brands who seem to have come full circle in recent months.  I remember their bright, colourful stands in Superdrug, where the main attractions were their cheap and cheerful polishes, a snip at £3.50, and their Graffiti eyeliners, a bargain at £5.  Then, they were an exclusively online brand, with an affiliate scheme to match.  Now, they've reinvented themselves as a mascara-and-eyeliner brand, with a few mascaras and the still-popular Graffiti eyeliners.  And they're stocked in Space NK.  I can't think of any other brand which has made it from Superdrug to Space NK.  More power to them.  

Anyway, waffling aside, this is a review of their mascara-to-end-all-mascaras - Black Magic.  It adds drama and curl, dries water resistant, and is easy to remove.  The brush has a gentle curve to it, all the better to get right into the roots of the lashes and give some good uplift, and whilst it's a reasonably large brush, it's not particularly unwieldy - the bristles are plastic, quite fine, and give great definition.   

So, I definitely agree with the curl factor, and the formula does stick well to the lashes - I didn't test it in water, but after a day's wear I noticed no flaking or smudging.   My biggest problem with it, though, is the claim to add drama - the photo above shows two coats, and whilst my lashes do look pretty good, they're definitely not high drama.  I guess I could have layered more coats up, but I get bored after applying two coats - if I'm going for drama, I want it in one coat, ideally, or two as a maximum.

A bit of a mixed bag, then - if you like layering your mascara, and you like it to give curl, definition, and to last well, then you might like this.  If you like instant drama, you probably won't.  It's a thumbs down from me - and not least because at £18, I think it's a bit underpowered for its price, particularly coming from a brand with high street roots.  Find it at Space NK now.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. Hi.

    I have a question about your photographs. Looking at the last photo, are you using a ring flash? I'm thinking of getting one for my Canon EOS550D mainly for my blog photos. If you are using one, would you recommend it? Leah xx

  2. Yep, I use a Marumi ring flash. They are useful, and give a good even light for close ups - I'd recommend :)


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