Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lip of the Day: Dita von Teese for ArtDeco Art Couture Velvet Lipstick in Maitresse

This rather beautiful red is from the Dita von Teese range by ArtDeco.  It's called Maitresse and it's described as a deep ruby red which "evokes the image of the femme fatale".  I think the description is pretty bang on - this is a little richer, a little pinker, and a little deeper than your classic blue toned red.  It has a lovely moist sheen to the finish and great opacity - this is a single stroke across the lips.  

One of my favourite application techniques is to do my top lip properly, then press my lips together so that the bulk of my lower lip is covered, and I just have to fill in the remnants.  This technique just doesn't work with this lipstick - it's so grippy, even freshly applied, that very little transfers to my bottom lip, and I have to apply the colour direct from the bullet.  This grippiness continues on throughout the day after application - the colour just lasts and lasts.  

I'll definitely be checking out more ArtDeco lipstick shades - there are some gorgeous moody pinks and even a hot orange matte in the range, as well as the traditional blue toned bright red.  Find them at BeautyBay, where they'll set you back £17.50 - not cheap, but worth it for the comfort and the longevity.

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