Sunday, 7 October 2012

Help! I've turned into an oil slick!

Sorry, there will be no carefully taken and edited photos today.  Rather, today I am asking begging for your recommendations.  A couple of months ago I changed from using the Pill to using an implant, and as a result my skin and hair have gone absolutely nuts.

Where both my hair and my skin were verging on dry before, they're now firmly in the oily camp.  I've started experiencing more breakouts, and I've been finding my skin attractively shiny by lunch most days.  My hair now needs washing every other day rather than every three or four days as it gets greasy at the roots much more quickly.

Having spent several years building up a list of products and brands which suited me, I'm now faced with skin and hair which isn't really compatible with my most trusty things.  If you're slightly oily of skin or hair, please share your recommendations and tips with me!


  1. aztec indian healing clay with apple cider vinegar is a miracle worker. google the (natural-bonus!) benefits of ACV alone!

    reviews for the mask:

    hope this helps! definitely is a HG product for m


  2. I had this when I was on the injection and actually ended up changing back to the pill, but thats also for other reasons. I have oily skin although since I've dyed it my hair is ok so can't help there. i love the body shop teatree range, only thing thats ever cleared up my skin! i use their face wash and toner with the seaweed moisturiser in the day and night cream at night and think I've had 2 spots since, I know a lot of people don't like the body shop but that stuff works!


  3. I love juicy shampoo from Lush and Enzymion... from Lush ;) are the BEST!!

  4. The Oxy seaweed range is actually really good for oily/breakout prone skin (review is on my blog if you're interested!) and depending on how oily you are, Erno Laszlo do a really good finishing treatment (Shake-it Tinted Treatment) that dries it all out and keeps it dry, BUT you will need seriously oily skin for this otherwise you'll end up looking dry.

    Good luck xx

  5. I'm having hormonal oiliness due to pregnancy and I've found the Vichy Normaderm range really good, especially their cleanser and the night treatment. Hopefully this will help you!

  6. Thanks for the recommendations ladies - I'll definitely be trying some of the products you've found effective!

  7. The pai moisturiser for combination skin is my favourite. It's perfect under makeup, too. Also, the Kleenex blotting sheets are cheap and good, and MAC blot powder is great for touch ups!

  8. Hi Gemma, I feel for you. I had the same happening to me every time I was preganant with my 2 boys in the 1st Trimester. I found this helped and I still use this approach a week or two before I am due on my period as my skin appears more oily then: Cleanser with a oily cleaning balm, tone with a toner that contains no alcohol as it makes your skin produce even more oil to compensate (floral water based toners are best). Use a few drops of a natural oil- yes oil really does slow down the oil in your own skin and gradually balance it out. Again use a green clay mask without alcohol to deep cleanse twice a week- no more and due not use a granulated exfloliant as it will stimulate your oil galnds. Use an enzyme based one instead. I am about to lauNch my 100% NATURAL and mostly organic skincare range shortly based on the same principals so I you would like to test then please let me know: And good luck with your skin and I am sure it will calm down.x Geeta

  9. I have very oily skin and hair and we’ve done battle for years. After years of stripping my skin with products marketed for oily, spot prone skin without any joy I swapped to fighting oil with oil. Adding moisture balance it, rather than making it produce more is working for me. PM I cleanse with Origins Clean Energy oil and 2nd cleanse with a balm, current faves are: Emma Hardie and Oskia. In the morning I use Ren Clearcalm clay cleanser and like Oh Emma posted a good simple clay mask 2 x a week followed by a hydrating mask to keep the balance going. I noticed the biggest improvement when I started to use Indeed Labs hydraluron. I use it after cleansing, before toner 2 x day. I use a spritz toner (Live Native, Omorovicza, Stem), so I don't wipe it off. It combats my skins need to produce oil by keeping it hydrated. I can now get past 1pm without the need to blot. I also use Alpha H liquid God 2 x a week with no other products on the night it use, to keep blocked pores and breakouts under control.

    As for my hair, I'm still battling with my oily roots. Dry shampoo is a necessity on non wash days

  10. Hi there- I have combination skin and where it's oily, it's really oily. Shine is my enemy!

    I find the following things really helpful and between them, they keep my shiny forehead and nose at bay:

    * No 7 mattifying moisturiser
    * Loreal studio secrets mattifying primer
    * Urban Decay de slick make up setting spray

    As for hair- I have to wash it every other day- there's no way around it for me. I get on well with Aussie products. I do have thick hair though and friends with thinner hair have said they don't like them.

  11. I think I might be Sharknek's routine twin! My skin is ridiculously oily and morning I cleanse with either Ren Clearcalm clay cleanser or Vichy Normaderm. Evening I double cleanse, first with Origins Cleansing Oil (smells fab and is amazing) and then with either Normaderm or Balance Me wash. I alternate between a hydrating toner (Body Shop Vitamin E) and one for oily skin with fruit enzymes. Moisturiser is Vichy Normaderm day and at night I use Clarins Lotus oil, Origins Drink Up Intensive & Liquid Gold on rotation.

    Makeup-up tips wise I LOVE the no7 primer for oily skin (think it's been re-branded as Beautifully Matte?) Makes blending difficult over the top but it's the only one out of about a dozen I've tried that works. If you're not as oily as I am then maybe a less tricky one might work. The new Clinique Matte foundation is AMAZING (but I am super pale and the palest is too dark :( ). But definitely worth a sample. It's like superglue in foundation form!

    Also, buy blotting sheets. Lots and lots of blotting sheets. They'll be your best friend!


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