Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Topshop Louise Gray Up In The Air blusher + free mirror

Finding myself in town the other day, I wandered into Topshop to take a look at their current makeup collection. I'm generally a fan of the colours and packaging Topshop choose, and by the reasonable prices, which unlike their clothing range, have stayed wallet-friendly.

I found the current collection, which is a collaboration with someone called Louise Gray (and sorry, I have no idea who she is) very interesting. It's a mix of mad neons and pastels, packaged in quirky geometric packaging. I've been tempted by Topshop's cream blushes for a while, so the blusher duo in Up In The Air seemed an obvious way to kill off a lemming and sample the new collection.

When I got to the till I was pleased to learn that every purchase from the collection (or every 2 purchases, according to Topshop's website) gets a free handbag mirror with the same design found on the covers of the two Louise Gray palettes (the other is eyeshadow). The mirror has a swivel-opening mechanism and comes in a velveteen drawstring pouch with the Louise Gray logo on it. 

Back to the blusher - it's got a bubblegum pink pan and a coral/apricot pan, which together weigh a very generous 10g.

 The texture is silicone-smooth and very soft. I found the pigmentation to be moderate - you could happily slap this onto a half-awake face and blend with your fingers without risking a clown effect. The blending experience is entirely painless. They're really very user-friendly blushes. Here's the pink shade worn:

And here are swatches:

The palette itself shows decent build-quality - strong hinge, smooth edges, and has a good mirror set into the lid. The clasp is rigid enough to stay closed in a handbag, but not so stiff that it endangers long nails.


  1. I love Topshops packaging! xx

  2. I love that packaging, nice & bright. If her runway this week was anything to go by she's bringing the brightness back in a big way x

  3. This looks really pretty, I haven't had a chance to check out the Louise Gray stuff yet but have had my eye on a few of the glitter polishes after seeing them online. Think I will have to get myself down to Topshop over the weekend and see for myself!
    Mel xx

  4. Looks lovely! Louise Grey is a designer - she's quite well known for sending models down the catwalk with bonkers or funky makeup so I think it's a great collaboration!


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