Sunday, 23 September 2012

Swatches: Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Strip, Naked 2 and Streak

I've reviewed these juicy, jelly like glosses before - I really liked the cool, minty, tingly texture, but wasn't totally sure about the plumping action.  To get maximum fullness, you need to wear them daily for a month, and I like to chop and change my lip products more frequently than that.

Anyway, lip plumping properties aside, Urban Decay have released some new shades: meet Strip, Naked 2, and Streak.

Left to right: Strip, Naked 2, Streak

These three shades are semi-sheer, offering a light, juicy sweep of colour which is pretty subtle and unintrusive.  I like the fact that they're glossy and smooth, but not so shiny that the lips distract from the rest of the face.  Perfect for pairing with a stronger eye look, or bright cheeks.


Naked 2


I'm particularly loving Streak for it's milky, pretty pink effect.  Less keen on Naked 2, which is a touch too beige and flat for my complexion.  At £13, these aren't cheap - but the packaging is cute, the gloss lasts a couple of hours, and are comparable with much-loved Juicy Tubes from Lancome.  Find them now at

Disclosure: PR samples


  1. Wow, loving this lip gloss! :) My favorite from the above is probably streak too, it makes your lips look almost angel like! :) Will Urban Decay be releasing any new colors ?

    1. There are actually loads of shades available, these are just the new ones for Autumn - have a look at BeautyBay:

  2. Thanks Gemma, will give them a look right away! Are there any other Urban Decay products that we should look out for? :)


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