Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review & Swatches: Burberry AW12 Sheer Eyeshadow in Mulberry

Burberry's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is gloriously cold weather friendly, utilising rich smoky browns with a mix of shimmer and matte textures.  I got the chance to play with one of the Sheer Eyeshadow shades from the collection - Mulberry, which is a cool purplish brown.  Much nicer than it sounds.

Clean, shiny, luxe Burberry packaging.  The eyeshadow compact has the usual checked design, and is heavyweight and solid in the hand thanks to the pewter metal casing.

You get a decent sized mirror, and a beautifully embossed plum-purple-brown eyeshadow.  Let's ignore the sponge applicator, which shouldn't be present in any eyeshadow above a fiver, in my mind.

Mulberry has a very fine shimmer running through it.  It's not enough to make it a sparkly or even obviously shimmery shade, just enough to give it a gentle gleam and some dimension on the eyelid.

 Both swatched and applied to the lid, I'm in two minds over whether this actually can be considered a sheer eyeshadow or not.  It's definitely not one of those super-pigmented shadows which barely need touching with a brush.  It's definitely not one of those low-pigment shadows you have to virtually scrub with a brush to get any payoff.  A quick dab with a brush gets you enough colour to achieve the opacity shown above, which isn't exactly a soft wash of colour, but certainly isn't overapplied or too heavy.

Pondering about pigment aside, the shadow is a breeze to blend, with a velvety soft texture which glides onto the lid.  The shade is really flattering against my hazel eyes, and I really like the soft sheen in the finish - it's more grown up than high sparkle, but less flat than a fully matte shade.

At £23, Burberry's Sheer Eyeshadow has a luxurious price tag to match it's luxurious packaging and texture. Is it worth it?  Well... I'm not entirely sure.  The texture and shade aren't insanely original or unusual, and are probably dupeable, but I'm still really enjoying every single application, not just for the finished effect but also for the joy of using a shiny luxe thing.  So, if you like a bit of luxe, and you like a high quality eyeshadow with a subtle finish, you'll probably like this.  Find it at Harrods now.

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