Saturday, 1 September 2012

Quick Pick: Rituals Sunrise Foaming Shower Gel

I really love the gel-to-foam format of Rituals' Foaming Shower Gels.  The can dispenses a small amount of clear gel, which transforms into a luxurious foam on contact with water.  I think Imperial Leather were one of the first companies to make this sort of gel - I remember buying it as a teenager and being amazed by the transformation.  Still am, really.

Anyway, what sets the Rituals products apart is the fragrances.  Sunrise is described as a blend of sweet orange and cedar, and I did initially think that it'd be one of those morning "invigorating" scents that just smacks you around the face with citrus and that's that.  Luckily for me, Sunrise isn't that sort of invigorating - sure, it has orange, but it's a sweet, gentle orange, and certainly not too punchy.  The green freshness of the cedar tones down the overall sweetness, and the effect is something that's genuinely yet subtly refreshing and invigorating.

The scent doesn't linger long outside the shower, and the foam leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. At £6.90 a can, it's not a cheap product - but neither is it too spendy.  Given that the foam goes a long way and how much I love the scent, I'd be happy to repurchase this product.  Find it at the Rituals website, where you'll also find a matching scrub.

Disclosure: PR sample

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