Monday, 24 September 2012

Quick Pick: Clarins 3 Dot Liner

This felt-pen style liner from Clarins has exploited a beauty niche that has been a bane of mine for many years - namely the gap between liner and lashes. The three-pronged tip allows you to dot pigment down in between the lashes to close up any gaps. It does what tightlining can do but in about a quarter of the time. 

The dots are also handy for those who don't feel confident drawing on their liner in one fell swoop. You can dot on where you want the liner to be and then close up the gaps. The liner is a nice true black, flows easily and gives a slightly shiny finish. To be 100% perfect, I wish it were waterproof, but it's still a lovely and inventive product.

NB the red Clarins pouch doesn't come with the liner - just a photography prop.

Disclosure - PR sample

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  1. This looks so handy, thanks for the review.


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