Thursday, 20 September 2012

Quick Pick: Batiste Cherry

My first encounter with Batiste was with the Tropical scent, which I absolutely hated.  I've since tried a few more and found that whilst some are nice and subtle, some are a bit too powdery, sweet and obvious (like Tropical).  Cherry is one of the latest scents and it treads the line rather well.  It's sweet and juicy - I can't say it definitely smells like cherries, but there's a definite note of berry in there - but it's not powdery or overly sickly.  And I don't find that the scent hangs around my head in an obvious cloud (looking at you again Tropical).  Plus, that retro style print is divine, and looks great in my bathroom.

Find it at Boots, where it costs £2.99 (and is currently on 3 for 2).

1 comment:

  1. I liked Tropical - the scent I absolutely hate is Blush! - so Cherry must smell yummy!


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