Tuesday, 18 September 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen Glitz Gal

Indoors with flash.  Excuse my terrible cuticles.

Outdoors in strong sunlight

This little beauty is Sally Hansen's Glitz Gal, fom the Gem Crush collection - a new range of permanent glitters which make use of glitter particles of varied sizes and shapes.  I was attracted to it because it combined two of my favourite things - glitter (obviously) and pewter grey (which I adore on both eyes and nails).  

I was impressed with how easy it was to apply - for a chunky glitter, it's surprisingly smooth.  The base shade is a deep grey jelly, so I applied three coats to get the full opacity shown above.  This one's a real topcoat-eater - three coats of thick speed dry topcoat needed to smooth out the surface of the polish and get a decent shine!

Overall I really like this polish - it's super glittery, easy to apply, and at just £6.99, it's a darn side cheaper than the Lippmann polishes which I consider the top of the glittery polish pile.  

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  1. You really should sort out your cuticles before you do a NOTD post. They're really gross, all I could see is them and not the nail polish, it's really not nice. Eugh.


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