Saturday, 29 September 2012

Boots 17 Eyeliner Studio has advanced formulas at pocket-money prices

Boots 17 have recently developed their liner range into an "Eyeliner Studio", incorporating their existing eyeliner products and throwing in some new ones too.

The range includes 8 liners and a pencil sharpener. Some of them are drugstore classics like the inkwell liquid liner and kohl pencil. But they've also brought out some long-wear and waterproof formulas that have previously been seen in much higher-end brands.

Full line-up...

Eye Kohl Pencil (£2.89)
This is your standard wax-and-pigment pencil. It's quite soft and reasonably pigmented. I received the blue one. 80s!

Brow Pencil (£2.89)
Another standard stalwart product. It has a small brush on the other end to tidy up brows. A little stiffer, as you'd expect, to create light, thin, defined lines.

High Drama Liquid (£3.99)
An inky black liquid liner with a short, sturdy felt nib. Very smooth to apply.

Make Your Mark Liquid (£3.99)
A felt-tip marker liner with a very precise tip. Again, it's really pigmented and light. Applies without dragging or translucency.

Smoulder Gel Eyeliner (£3.99)
A gel liner in a little pot, coming with a tiny vestigial brush. (A token brush, really). This is a bit like MAC's Fluidline or Bobbi Brown's gel liner, with the difference that it dries waterproof and needs to be removed with an oil-based remover. I found this a bit dry and crumbly.

Perk & Paint Pencil (£3.99)
A jumbo kohl pencil at one end, a pinkish highlighter/concealer at the other. I was hoping these would be 24/7-style set-down gel formulas, but they're just old-school smudgy pencils.

Tattoo Me Liquid (£4.99)
The goopy, tar-like formula found in MAC's Liquidlast liners, GOSH's Artliners (now discontinued) and some No.7 eyeliners. It's awkward to apply but once this pitch-black liquid is on, it's going nowhere without some dedicated work with a good-quality oil-based remover.

Lacquer Liner Liquid (£3.99)
A lovely light polymer liner (i.e. it will flake off rather than smudging, and is waterproof) with a shiny patent-look finish. Very like Illamasqua, Estee Lauder and Lancome Artliner. It comes in a well with a thin, flexible brush.

Dual Pencil Sharpener (£2.99)
A pencil sharpener. It works. Little else to say.

Here are some swatches. L-R: Eye Kohl, High Drama, Make Your Mark, Tattoo Me, Smoulder Gel, Lacquer, Perk & Paint, Brow Pencil.

You can get them all at Boots, who are currently offering a buy one get one half price on selected 17 products 

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