Saturday, 4 August 2012

Treatment Review: Clarins Triactive Facial

Last week, I trudged down to Peter Jones in Sloane Square to visit the Clarins Skin Spa for an after-work treat.  The Triactive facial is a flexible, results driven treatment which is customised to address a variety of skin concerns.

Normally, I'd go straight for the skin renewing, brightening, or anti-aging variety, but this time, I was more concerned about hydration.  A few days before, I'd stupidly gone out in a convertible car with no sunscreen on, and ended up with a gloriously bright pink and angry face.  Having listened to my concerns about my dry, hot, sunburnt skin, the therapist suggested the Moisture Replenisher facial, which would rehydrate my skin, leaving it soft, supple, comfortable and radiant.  

After settling me comfortably on a treatment bed, the therapist completely wrapped my hair, which I really liked - one of my facial pet peeves is getting product in my hair.  The facial began with a thorough makeup removal, cleanse, and gentle exfoliation - of course, as soon as the facial massage began, I fell into a light sleep.  Waking up a short while later, I found my face covered in a wonderfully cooling mask, which included an eye compress.  

I was very glad to find that I wasn't left alone whilst the mask was left on my face; instead, I was treated to an incredibly effective shoulder massage, followed by a hand and arm massage, finishing with a foot and lower leg massage.  I love this kind of multi-tasking treatment: you leave with glowing skin and having benefitted from a lovely massage to boot.  The shoulder massage involved some strong, almost painful pressure - the kind which is a little bit more endurance than enjoyment, but ultimately leaves you feeling wonderfully loose and relaxed in the shoulders.  

After all that bonus massaging, I lay relaxed and dreamlike whilst the mask was removed, and a variety of finishing moisturisers and creams were applied.  The therapist then brought me a glass of water whilst walking me through the products used in the facial, in case I wanted to indulge in any - I was pleased to find that this was informative rather than sales-pitchy, and I felt under no pressure to purchase.  On my way out of the Skin Spa, I was given some sample sizes of some of the products used so I could try them at home, which was a lovely finishing touch.  

Overall, I was extremely impressed with my Clarins Skin Spa experience.  The treatment went beyond what I'd expect from a facial, and my skin was left looking glowy and even, significantly less red and dry than it was when I went in.  I'd be very keen to have another Triactive Facial in the future.

Clarins Triactive Facials are available at a number of Skin Spas across the UK - find out where via the Clarins website.  A 60 minute treatment costs around £65.

Disclosure: Treatment received free of charge for review purposes

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