Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Swatches: New Shu Uemura Eyeshadow Shades in G Blue Green 641 & ME Soft Olive 433

These two pretty little things are the newest additions to Shu Uemura's powder eyeshadow line.  I really, really, really wish Shu would name his colours instead of  giving them numbers - I get that they've very descriptive with their ME (metallic) and G (glitter) prefixes, but the numbers are cumbersome.

ANYWAY.  Back to the eyeshadows themselves.

I was a bit surprised at how sheer the blue green glitter shade is - I was expecting a full on turquoise with full pigmentation and a sparkly, metallic finish.  It's actually a lot paler and more subtle than it looks in the pan - but in the light it has a gorgeous sparkle which is really pretty.  I can see it working really well on top of a deeper, darker blue or black.  

The olive colour actually swatches as a slightly antique, greenish gold on me.  It has a lovely metallic finish, but I'm sure it's a plenty dupeable colour, particularly in comparison to the more unusual blue green glitter shade.

These cost £11, and should be available now.  

Disclosure: PR samples

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