Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Supergoop City Suncreen Serum: Jolly good sunscreen

We don't see a lot of the sun here in England, and its appearances this year have been patchy at best so far. But when the sun does appear, those of us with pale skin and without a protective build-up of melanin can easily get caught out and end up burned as we go about our days.

As someone who has learned to embrace the natural pallor of my skin, I like to make a habit of wearing some kind of SPF on my face all year round, and when summer arrives I generally want to kick things up a notch as my stealthy freckles begin to make an appearance.

As previously discussed here on the blog, higher SPF can equal higher gloop/grease levels, and it's a rare product that can deliver powerful protection in a light formula. Happily, Supergoop's City Sunscreen Serum does just that, packing a broad spectrum SPF of 30 and a PA+++ rating (which means it works hard against UVA rays) without compromising on texture.

It's a white cream formula housed in an efficient, no-frills pump bottle. It smooths onto the skin like a very light moisturiser and within a few seconds is virtually undetectable, providing a blank canvas for a face of makeup. It's fragrance free too. You do need to give it a moment or two to settle onto the skin, and one pump goes a long way. Overdo it and it will pill up slightly, but if you use it sparingly and massage it into the skin, you're golden. (Although not literally.)

You can get a 20ml size of this for a very modest £16 (shown here), or the full 50ml size for £35, both at Space NK

Disclosure - PR sample

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  1. I really like the sound of this - the fact that it's a serum gives the impression of something that will sink in quickly and easily - exactly what I want. The protection level sounds good too.

    20ml of this would prob last me all Summer! ;)

    Nic x


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