Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A brief note on brows

I see this sight in the mirror every morning when I'm halfway through my makeup, and it never fails to remind me of the Power of the Brow:

Left: brow filled in with powder. Right: ungroomed puny brow exposed to world.

I never used to fill in my brows, finding that every pencil I tried was either pitch black or created terrifying ginger eyebrows due to red undertones. I wandered around with both brows looking like the sad example on the right up there.

Then I had a brow epiphany when my mum gave me some makeup she'd bought and then decided against. (My mum has never worn makeup - go figure.) There was a grey-ish brown shade in her rejected stash that turned out to be my ideal brow colour. Nowadays I've found some alternatives, and Illamasqua's Motto is the one I always recommend for those who find everything else too red.

Do you fill in your brows? Powder or pencil? Did you have a eureka moment, or have you always filled in your arches? Tell us in the comments.


  1. What a difference it makes! I don't fill my brows everyday, but when I do, i use powder. I use to use a pencil, but powder is more natural, less waxy. I still have problems with them, they are wazy, difficult to tame :(

  2. I fill my brows in with a matte shade from the first Naked palette. I first got into filling my brows in after shaving off my eyebrows on a whim and having to buy some brow powder. When my brows grew back I carried on filling them in as they look so much better that way.

  3. I wear glasses and have a fringe, which my face can get lost behind if I don't define my brows. I have a few products that I use in rotation. Currently finding the Shavata brow pencil in dusk to be my go to product.


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