Saturday, 14 July 2012

Swatched - Sephora Tangerine Tango lipgloss collection

Quite a while back I mentioned that I'd gotten hold of some of Sephora's Tangerine Tango Pantone collection when over in the States. The time finally came to give the orangey glosses a road test this weekend, and here is photographic evidence...

The lipgloss set contains 4 full sized (5ml) glosses and costs a very reasonable $14 (about £9). They range from a the lightest sheerest hint of tangerine to a full on, opaque Tango colour that saturates lips in one stroke.

Left to right below: Glaze, Opal, Luminous, Vivid.

And here is Vivid on the lips:

I was happy to find out that all four glosses are smooth and non-sticky, even Vivid. The formula is just tacky enough to adhere well to the lips, rather than slide around like balm, but it doesn't feel uncomfortably "there" on the lips. The pigment is well contained in the formula and doesn't stain the skin. The applicator is a flat-sided flocked wand thing, and the packaging is both sturdy and sleek.

US readers may still be able to find these sets in branches of Sephora, although the website seems to have sold out. For orange-loving Brits, head to for swaps or eBay to track these down.


  1. These look amazing. I haven't worn lipglosses in ages as I don't like the stickiness and they usually lack pigmentation, but I think I would definitely be willing to give these ago since neither of those things apply. The pigmentation of vivid is really impressive. I am a big fan of orange lip colours, it's only a shame these aren't so readily available in the UK!
    Mel x

    1. Revlon have some interesting looking "coral" (AKA orange) glosses at the moment, and there's always OCC Lip Tars. But these are quite special. Thanks for reading.

  2. I wish we had access to Sephora in the UK. I often email them asking when its going to happen, a shop or a website, and they just brush me off. Ohhh the money I'd spend. More fool them ;)

    1. I think (but don't quote me) there was once a Sephora in London. It does seem odd, but perhaps we don't have the market to support it and/or justify the setup costs. With the way the industry seems to be booming though, it may yet be on the cards.


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