Monday, 16 July 2012

Review & Swatches: YSL Pure Chromatics Eyeshadow Palette in #7

This rather gorgeous little palette is part of the YSL summer collection, like the intensely red Rouge Madras lipstick I wrote about last week.  Pure Chromatics isn't a new concept for YSL - the first palettes were released around a year ago, promising pigmented shadows which apply dry for a soft, sparkling look, and wet for a metallic, high-shine effect.  At £39 a pop, this is a very spendy, luxe product - packaged in YSL's signature gold, with a large mirror on inside, this is every bit as luxe as the price would imply.

I really like the colours in this palette.  Pale pink, white with green and gold sparkle, intense yellow gold, and a fuschia toned plum shade makes for a palette that's definitely not about the natural, safe look, although you could easily tone it down a bit by pairing similar shade together and applying dry.

These dry/wet swatches show the extra intensity that you get by applying the colour with a damp brush.  The colours are still reasonably well pigmented even when dry, but they gain a real punch in both intensity and finish paired with a little water.  One thing I've found really impressive is that the use of a damp brush doesn't ruin the eyeshadow forever - even after using them wet, they're still soft, smooth, and easy to pick up with a dry brush.  Quite a change from some other shadows, which go waxy and solid when used wet, never to be used dry again.

This look includes all four shades applied wet; the white shade in the inner corner, pale pink on the inner third of the lid, gold on the centre of the lid and under the eye, and fuchsia in the crease and outer v.  The colours really make the most of the green in my eyes, and the finish is beautiful - shimmery, metallic, and intense without looking garish.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with these eyeshadows - they're soft, blend well, and can be used for subtle or more intense looks.  The price tag is admittedly very high - so if I fancied indulging in another, I'd probably make sure that it was a set of shades I'd be more likely to use every day.

Find them at YSL counters and concessions, and online via the YSL website.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. What a gorgeous palette! I love the look you did with it!

  2. Love it! I sadly don't have the money to get the pallet but, you inspired me to experiment with my large Ulta pallet and create a similar look to the one that you did! Thank you!!!


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