Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Masques

Montagne Jeunesse, purveyor of well priced single use masques, are upping their game with their new Clay Spa masques.  Taking the Asian favourite cloth mask concept, they've given it a Western twist by saturating the cloth with clay, as opposed to the moisturising gels favoured in Asia.

There are two kinds of masque available; Glacial clay, and Dead Sea mud.  Both give a very refreshing, deep cleansing mask experience.  They're also quite easy to use - simply open the sachet, unfold the cloth mask, lay over face, pat into place, and leave for fifteen minutes.

The bonus is that where normal face masks generally make the uninitiated (i.e. my husband) laugh, this cloth mask looks entirely more sinister and stands a fighting chance of making said husband jump.  Which is a big benefit, in my book.

Once applied, I can feel the clay starting to contract on my skin, and after fifteen minutes, my skin feels fresh, clean, and firm, as well as looking even and smooth.  For a grand total of £1.49, this is a real treat of a mask - not only does it leave the skin looking and feeling great, but it's fun to use, too.

Montagne Jeunesse's Clay Spa Masques are available now from their website, and launch in-store nationwide in September.

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