Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Quick Pick: Blend Collective Unwinding bath and shower oil

Blend Collective is an all-natural brand offering bodycare products in three fragrances, each with its own blend of aromatic essential oils. "Unwinding" is a mix of cedar, frankincense, neroli and patchouli and it's absolutely heavenly. A capful of the oil in a hot bath throws up a positive wall of sensory enjoyment, with the odours of the essential oils mingling in the air.

The oil seems to virtually disappear when it hits the water. There are no visible oily spots on the water's surface, and no residue is left on the skin, although the water does feel softer than usual. I haven't tried this as a shower oil, but would expect it to be similarly light on the skin.

The bottle is glass, with a screw-cap, and the design is quite clean and graphical, making use of interesting fonts and colour blocks. It's a pleasure to behold on the bathroom shelf.

£24.95 buys you 100ml of this from

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