Thursday, 5 July 2012

Poundland nail art - surprisingly good

You know how when you go into Poundland (yes, don't pretend you don't go in to check for bargains) you always come out with more than you went in for?

Last weekend I headed to the dreaded emporium of junk for some garden twine and came out with these two nail art sets. One features duochrome-finish hearts, stars and flowers while the other is a selection of tiny butterflies made of some type of foam. Each set includes a stick for poking the decorations into position and a file, which I haven't used. The decorations come in a handy wheel-shaped container.

The duochrome ones are of limited use to me because most are too broad and rigid, so they stick right out on my curved nails. The smallest stars worked well though. The butterflies are better, because being foam they are bendy and can be made to fit to the nail if held in place long enough for the top coat over them to stick. Especially cool are the purple butterflies in the pic here, because each wing is a separate piece. They're kind of like swallowtail butterflies, if purple swallowtails existed.


At just £1 per set, you can't go far wrong with these if you're interested in trying out some sticky-on type nail art. Keep an eye out for them in your local Poundland.

The green polish here is Kimono by Look Beauty (from Superdrug).


  1. I think the 'foam' ones are fimo :) I tried the stars/hearts one a while ago and found that the pigment bled when I used topcoat - did you have that problem? I love how you've made them look, so cute and tidy! xx

  2. What a great post!
    Your nails look fab:)


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