Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fashionista Custom Palette (red)

I spotted an outrageously good deal on this custom palette from Fashionista during one of my lunch hour Superdrug safaris lately. I can't find the receipt to check for sure, but I think it was 4 pans and the palette for £10. I've had an eye on the luxey-looking red palette for a while, and the deal tipped my defenceless lemming over the edge. Usually the palette is £5 and the colours are £4 each.

I picked 3 eye colours and a blush to go into the palette, including one of Fashionista's baked shades. From top left, the shade names are:
Golden Dragon (a warm mid green shimmer)
Butterscotch (a warm neutral matte blush - Fashionista also do shimmer blush shades)
Noble Purple (a shimmery indigo-purple)
Sweet Kiss (palest warm shimmery pink)

The pigmentation is moderate - the swatches below show a single fingertip swipe. The green baked eyeshadow picks up smoothly and easily from the pan, as does the standard finish highlight shade. The purple has that sticky, oily Vaseline-type texture you sometimes get in cheap eyeshadows - it's pigmented but kind of greasy. The blush is light and buildable.

But the star attraction has to be the build quality and design of the palette system itself. The palette has a smooth, pseudo-metallic glowing finish and feels very high-quality given its price. The red tone is beautiful, taking centre stage and only interrupted by a small Fashionista logo in the lower right corner of the lid. The palette has circular holes in the back so when you pop the pans in, the shade names are visible, and as with Urban Decay's more upmarket version, the entire fascia of the pan pops out so you don't need to risk dinging your shadows. The whole lid is taken up with a high quality mirror, and the palette opens on a sturdy-looking hinge. There's none of the usual sponge applicator flim-flam taking up space either.

Finally, a quick mascara-less EOTD to show the intensity of the shades. The colours were applied with my fingertip. No eyeshadow base.

I love this palette. The eyeshadows themselves are fine for the price, but the palette is an outstanding bargain. Now I just need to figure out how to get my high-end colours into it.

You can buy Fashionista cosmetics at certain branches of Superdrug.

Or buy from Superdrug online.

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  1. I also adore the Fashionista palettes- such great quality and so well priced. It's the same feeling as when I discovered Sleek MakeUP for the first time. On a non beauty note: what dress are you wearing- love the print!


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