Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dr Jart: Korean BB cream now in Boots

We've seen plenty of BB creams pop up on the UK scene in the last year, coming from mainstream and niche brands alike from Maybelline to Illamasqua. The BB format is now well-embedded in the British beauty lover's consciousness (although we're still not 100% sure if we're supposed to call it "Blemish Balm", "Beauty Balm" or what).

So the timing's about right for an original gangster BB cream from the BB motherland (South Korea) to arrive on the UK scene. Dr Jart is a popular brand over in South Korea, where the BB market is at the height of its powers - one in three Korean women own one. Having been to Seoul and seen with my own eyes the insanely huge beauty market (I've never seen so much retail floor space devoted to beauty), this is seriously impressive reach.

As with many Asian beauty brands, the range of products available from Dr Jart is pretty dizzying, but a fairly easily grokked selection of four has been picked to launch in Boots. There's one for young skin, one for mature skin, and a couple in between. All have SPF of 25 and over, and range in price from £18 - £24.

I've been trying out the Regenerating BB, which is one of the "in between" ones. I picked it because it's silver, and apparently contains skin-healing snail secretions (although I've seen been worriedly Googling to see if the snails are harmed in collecting this - seems not).

It's a pale, cool-toned shade (despite the odd thing my camera/inner arm is trying to do to the shade in the pic) with medium coverage, and the formula is quite rich. I couldn't wear it every day as it's too greasy for my skin, but for drier skins this will be very nourishing, especially when autumn arrives. I should probably have opted for the Water Fuse BB for younger skin, which has been getting a lot of positive blog coverage, but I do expect to be reaching for this in winter.

The shade choice is pretty uniform across all four Dr Jart BBs, although the Premium BB, for older skin, is slightly darker. If you're a cool-toned Asian or Caucasian you're in luck, but otherwise these won't work for you. (I wonder if there are any plans to bring out BBs for other skintones?)

You can get Dr Jart BB creams in larger branches of Boots and from Boots online

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  1. Good to find a detailed review on this, as there has been so much hpe about Dr Jaart+ BB creams, and yet I hadn't actually seen an informative review of any of them anywhere! So far, I have found BB creams in general a bit disappointing, think I will go for the Water Fuse one and see how I get on :)
    Mel x


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