Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Review & Swatches: Viseart Matte Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Having seen reviews of Viseart's matte eyeshadow palette on both London Makeup Girl and Maquillage Obscura, I knew I had to buy one for my Mum, who's always on the lookout for good quality neutral matte shadows.  And naturally, I had to buy one for myself too.

The palette contains twelve matte shadows, in neutral shades from ivory to deepest black.  The packaging feels a little cheap and lightweight - I'd be slightly scared to throw it about too much - which was a little bit of a surprise given the £46 price tag.  

The eyeshadows inside the case, though, are anything but cheap.  They're quite simply the best quality matte shadows I've ever tried.  They're well pigmented, but not so much so that they're chalky and difficult to blend.  Rather, they're finely milled, powdery and soft but not too crumbly, and very smooth to apply.  Some of the shades lean a little too warm for my liking (particularly the two slap bang in the middle of the palette) but in general they're true neutrals.

The swatches above were all reasonably lightly done - no layering up here.  The pigmentation is unusually rich for a matte shadow, particularly one so soft and blendable.

Packaging qualms aside, this really is a lovely palette, and an absolute essential if you like a neutral eye and the matte texture (which I personally love against a bright red satin-finish lip).

Find the Viseart matte neutral eyeshadow palette at the Neat Kit.  If you're a makeup artist, you'll pay £37, and if you're a regular consumer, you'll pay £46.  Well worth it in either case in my mind!


  1. You caved! Aren't they great eyeshadows? Brilliant for your mum too - they blend so nicely and don't look dry.

    I blame Olivia ;)

  2. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, I want this so badly. All it needs is to swap one of the warm colours for a dupe of the apricot colour in Nars Ramatuelle and it would be perfect.

  3. What mascara are you wearing?


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