Friday, 1 June 2012

Review & Swatches: Clarins Long Lasting Kohl Kajal

Another part of Clarins' limited edition summer 2012 collection today.  This is Kohl Kajal, a soft, long lasting eyeliner in the style of traditional Indian kohl.

As you might expect, the oversized, pointed nib of this liner is seriously soft stuff, to the extent that Clarins have provided some handy instructions on how to remove the lid to avoid spoiling the liner.  The idea is that you can use this soft, smudgy colour on the lashline or on the waterline, and despite its smoky smudginess, it won't immediately start migrating onto your cheeks.

It's pretty dark and smoky, but this kohl is definitely not the blackest, most opaque liner I've ever used.  It can be layered up to increase the darkness, but don't expect the inkiest black immediately.  Personally, I quite like the slightly softer, less intense black - it's less intimidating to apply and smudge, gives you more scope for building up the colour, and makes it a little more daytime friendly.

Above, I've applied the kohl kajal to the lashline, both top and bottom, and smudged it out with my ring finger.  Whilst it was incredibly easy to smudge, and I'll be careful to pay close attention in the morning and not spread it too close to my charming undereye shadows, I did find that this kohl set tight after a minute or so, leaving it non-smudgable.  So, you'll need to work quickly after applying with this one.

I can't help but compare this liner to my Guerlain Terracotta liner, which gives a similar effect, and is also Eastern inspired.  The Clarins liner definitely loses in terms of all out gorgeousness, but for that smoky effect, I think that the solid liner wins for ease of use day to day - I rarely use my Terracotta liner as I often end up with black powder all over my cheekbones.

Clarins Long Lasting Kohl Kajal is available from late May, and costs £15.  It also comes in a rather fetching violet shade.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. I have this and I use it in my water line and lemme tell you that's a big no no.. It really sumdges on me.. But like you said I love how easy and quick it is to apply


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