Monday, 25 June 2012

Quick Pick: Kneipp Herbal Bath

I really, really love bathing.  Showering is fine, it gets you clean, but bathing gets you clean whilst making you feel relaxed and warm, and gives you plenty of time to read un-put-down-able books.  When I have a truly crappy day that leaves me feeling drained, frustrated and super tired, I head straight to the bathroom and have a soak with this Kneipp Herbal Bath in Orange and Linden Blossom.

A capful of orange, viscous liquid poured into a full tub disperses slowly into the water, filling the air with a deeply relaxing and soothing scent based on orange, but with more warmth than zing.  It doesn't really affect the bathwater at all - there are no bubbles, no obvious texture change - but it absolutely does relax a tired mind.

Given the herbal content of Kneipp herbal baths, you're not supposed to spend more than fifteen to twenty minutes in the bath with them - which is fine by me, as that's usually all it takes for the effects of the day to fade away.

Find Kneipp herbal baths at Must Have, where a 100ml bottle (good for 10 baths) will cost you £7.95.


  1. I love Kneipp bath products, too. But haven't tried this scent yet. Thanks for the review.

  2. I love these too - thanks for the link, I have struggled to find them in the UK!


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