Thursday, 21 June 2012

NOTD: The tale of the amazingly long-wearing Asda polishes

I put on this metallic silver and green glitter combo approximately 7 days ago - and it's still going strong. That's pretty much unheard of for me. It's especially amazing given that these little polishes cost £2 and £2.75 respectively. The green glitter is called Aquarium, and the silver is Spaceman, and they're both by George at Asda.

Aquarium features a thin-ish suspension of finely cut glitter particles in blue and green, resulting in a very lovely aqua/teal effect. The glitter bits are sparse, so it does require a couple of coats - this is two. But their tiny size means that you're assured of a smooth finish without the undesirable bumpy effect chunkier cheap glitters can cause.

Spaceman is a straight-up no frills silver nail polish. Not much else to say - it's a 3-coater, the metallic finish will pick up imperfections in the nail bed, pretty much what you'd expect. Apart from the exceptional wear, obviously.

We really like the way Asda has textured the caps of its glitter and metallic nail polish bottles to reflect the nature of the polishes in its Glitter and Molten Metals ranges. It's a thoughtful and pleasing design touch that goes above and beyond what we'd expect from such a budget brand.

Find George nail polish and cosmetics online at Asda

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