Saturday, 26 May 2012

Review & Swatches: Burberry Lip Cover in Primrose Hill Pink

A couple of weeks ago, I went to San Francisco for a two-day meeting.  A long way to travel for a short meeting, no?  Given the insane jetlag that this was likely to cause, I figured I was due a few treats from Duty Free on the way out.  Once there, I headed straight to the Burberry makeup stand - this is the first piece I've tried from the collection, and I was drawn by the heavy, classy looking packaging, and of course the amazingly detailed embossing on the lipstick itself.

One of the most satisfying and frustrating things about this lipstick is the magnetic closure which holds the lid tightly to the bullet casing.  Once aligned properly, it clunks solidly and strongly into place, but the problem is that it's not actually that easy to align it properly.  The magnet only works if you've got the right side of the lid aligned with the right side of the casing.  You can feel the magnet pulling a little if you pop the cap on incorrectly, but still, it's a little niggle I wish didn't happen.

Anyway - the lipstick itself is very, very pretty, embossed with the same linear, tweedy signature pattern that's used on the lid.  The texture is intensely buttery and emollient, and the colour just glides off the bullet onto the lip with no dragging at all.  I'd expected that such a rich texture would have trouble sticking to the lip, but it actually sets after a few minutes, and then proceeds to hold on for around four hours before succumbing to the ring-of-death we all know and dislike.  Not all that bad for something which wears so comfortably, and leaves lips feeling soft and hydrated.

On the lip, Primrose Hill Pink is a medium-pigmented coral pink with a moist, semi-glossy finish.  I think it makes my lips look plump and lovely.  The colour is soft and neutral, but not in a boring beige way - it does go with plenty of eye and cheek combinations, and it's not really a statement lip, but it's definitely not subtle.  I had wondered if it would clash terribly with my red hair, but in fact, it's a warming, fresh colour on me.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this lipstick - and I'll definitely consider buying another.  The wear time is pretty decent, the finish is luscious, and comfort levels are good, although I do wish it didn't wear unevenly towards to end of the lifetime of a single application.  Particularly given it's £23 price tag.  

Find it at Harrods, or at the Duty Free area in Heathrow Terminal Three, which incidentally is really good, and a massive temptation any time I find myself there.


  1. I've got English Rose and I love it. I also find the magnetic lid frustrating, it's satisfying when it clicks but having to line it up is daft.

    1. I'll have to check that shade out!

  2. *sigh* I swear I'll buy myself some Burberry pretties one day....


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