Monday, 28 May 2012

Review & Swatches: Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow Duo in The Showstopper

Bare Minerals, famous for their loose mineral makeup, particularly foundations, have recently released a set of pressed mineral makeup.  This makes me happy - mostly because I've always admired the beautiful multi-dimensional shades of the Bare Minerals loose eyeshadows, but generally consider myself too cack handed and sleepy to deal with loose shadow in the morning.

This is The Showstopper, a beautiful combination of pale blue and a lovely purple with a blue duochrome flash.  Packaged in NARS-like black rubberised palettes, the eyeshadow duo feels solid and well made.  Like NARS products, it's likely to get a little grubby in your makeup bag, but it's definitely not going to fall apart.

These shadows are soft and buttery, picking up easily with a brush and blending very easily onto the eyelids. They're so buttery, in fact, that they almost feel a little greasy - this is something I've often noticed with pressed mineral shadows (Sleek, I'm looking at you), and in this case it doesn't really affect the texture too much, nor affect the wear when applied over a decent primer.

Both shadows are pretty, with a high-sparkle finish for each, but the purple shade is the knockout of the pair.  That icy blue flash is just gorgeous.

This duo is incredibly flattering on my greenish eyes, and I absolutely love the sparkling, shimmery finish.  At £19, they're not cheap, albeit it a fair bit cheaper than the comparable NARS duos, which are £23.50.  Given the quality of the shadow, the etheral finish, and that beautiful duochrome, I'd definitely invest in more shades.

Find them at Bare Minerals stockists, and via their website.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. They look so pretty on you! I have the 4 shadow compact in The Truth and it's gorgeous. Do you have any recs. for a good primer to use with them, as I've found that they crease easily?

    1. I'll always recommend UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, both amazing primers.

    2. Fab, thanks. Will go and raid Boots tomorrow (not literally...)


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