Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review: Cowshed Slender Cow

Cowshed have released a trio of cheerily-packaged products for summer, all with the aim of firming skin. The bright pink range is called Slender Cow, and while I think it'll take more than a tube of body lotion to turn me into one of those, I was pleased to be given the opportunity to try out the Extra Firming Body Butter from the range.

At £28, this is a decidedly premium buy, despite the jaunty positioning, and it's got the ingredients to back up its pricetag. A base of coconut oil (always a winner with me), tamanu and rosehip oil is blended with uplifting-type essential oils including grapefruit, ylang ylang and petitgrain. Cinnamon, grapefruit, lavender, black pepper and benzoin are also in the mix, to name just a few. Seaweed and marine extracts are tasked with "waking up" the skin and improving circulation, while star turn Dermochlorella improves tone and firmness (up to 46% in vivo over 12 weeks, according to the stats on the packaging).

It's designed to be used in conjunction with the other two products from the range, a sea salt scrub and a firming serum. Lots of body brushing is also encouraged, and Cowshed's combo deal on the range is that if you buy all three you receive a rather nice wooden body brush gratis.

I've been using this product for around 4 weeks now and I can confirm that its moisturising properties are superb. It sinks into the sink easily, yet it's rich enough to send dry patches packing in a single application. For this I love it. But sadly, I won't be returning to it once I've finished this tube, the reason being that it carries quite a potent smell. To describe it, the best I can do is to say that it smells like when you walk into a health food shop (not Holland and Barrett - a proper, old-school one). A rich, heady mix of natural oils and scents.

I'm someone who takes a bath last thing at night before bed, and before I go to bed, I like to spray on a little of whatever fragrance I'm into that evening. It's a little personal ritual I have. Using this lotion after a bath means I can't do this, because the smell of the product overwhelms everything.

If you love this smell, it'll be a positive factor that will probably encourage you to apply more often. But for me, it's a fatal drawback in an otherwise very appealing product.

Cowshed Slender Cow costs £28 for 200ml at

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  1. I love the names of the products from this brand! x


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