Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Quick Pick: Kerastase Oleo Curl

I have a soft spot for Kerastase. In recent years I've found myself veering more towards products that are light on silicone, but there was a time in the past (which coincidentally corresponds with a period of intense straightener usage) when little else would make my hair glossy, manageable and soft.  Whilst their products are ludicrously expensive, they're undeniably luxurious to use, and generally deliver on their promises.

Oleo Curl is a curl definition cream which add moisture and shine to the hair, defining curls and protecting against tangles too.  The texture is relatively light but with a lot of slip (that'll be the silicone alongside some natural oils).  A small dab is all that's needed to make my thick, dry, curly hair smooth - and whilst the curl definition it provides isn't the most ringlet-spring inducing thing I've ever used, it's enough to keep the hair looking groomed and non-fuzzy.  Plus, it dries soft, not crunchy, always a plus point with curl enhancing products.

Finally.. my favourite thing about this product.  In keeping with the orange packaging and orange colour, the scent is a light, fresh citrus-y orange affair, which I absolutely love.

Find it at HQHair, where a 150ml bottle will cost you around £15 (RRP £18).

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