Sunday, 20 May 2012

NOTD - Mavala nail art by Jenni Draper

I recently had the privilege of a manicure from tremendous nail artist Jenni Draper, using the new Mavala spring collection. The green colour is called Pistachio - it's a warm-ish pastel green with a slight shimmer. Jenni used other colours from the collection, (which is called "Delicious Colours") for the accent nails, along with some teeny crystals.

What I most enjoyed about this manicure was watching Jenni at work. She's incredibly fast, precise and skilled. From placing the brush exactly so that the polish didn't flood the cuticle, to un-fussedly repairing a smudge with a single stroke, she was absolutely masterful. She's also very nice to talk to, with an easygoing, down to earth style.

This manicure lasted around 4 days before I noticed chips around the nail tips. Jenni used 2 coats of Pistachio, and finished the whole thing with a coat of Mavadry, Mavala's answer to Seche Vite (which I will be reviewing at a later date.)

Mavala's spring 2012 polishes are out now, each priced £3.50 for 5ml at

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