Monday, 14 May 2012

NOTD - AEOS vegan nail lacquer in Maha Chohan

Summer's done a bit of a u-turn here in London. It was getting all sunshiney and sandal-esque during March, but has since gone chilly and rainy again. To inject a modicum of summer spirit, here's an NOTD featuring a dreamy duochrome blue from AEOS. (That's Advanced Energetic Organic Skincare.)

AEOS is a brand with an esoteric, new-age vibe about it - its products are based around a belief in colour energies, and all its skincare lines are produced organically at the parent company Aura Soma's bio-dynamic Lincolnshire farm. I can't really understand what bio-dynamic farming means, but the impression I got at the brand's press event last autumn was "organic and then some." Unsurprisingly this polish is vegan, 3-free and produced in accordance with the brand's earth-friendly principles.

This manicure shows around 4 coats. Drying time was average. I wore it for over a week before chipping got too unsightly and I whipped it off in favour of a (different) duochrome from Revlon.

Aura Soma's philosophy is that its customers will choose the products that are right for them according to what colour they are. Perhaps in choosing this polish I'm craving some blue skies...

The AEOS site is down at the time of writing, but you can buy the polish online from, costing £11.99 for 14ml.

Disclosure - PR sample

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