Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Makeup storage: thinking outside the box

Here's the box...

...and here's my new makeup storage. It's technically a "parts cabinet" meant for organising mechanics' workshops. It's metal, and coated in red shiny paint.

I've been unhappy with my makeup storage for a while, and had been mulling over the options for something sturdy enough but with enough small compartments to house all my makeup. I was initially thinking about a Bisley filing cabinet, but they're very pricey even second hand.

So remembering that I once used a toolbox for my makeup back in the day (when all my makeup actually fitted into something I could carry with one hand), I decided to try looking around for something similar, scaled up.

So - here's the Clarke Parts Cabinet. There are 25 drawers in all. 10 of them have compartments, making them perfect for tiny things like fragrance vials and Fyrinnae eyeshadow jars.

The drawers are very sturdy, and slide in and out of the unit easily, although they're not on castors. There's a lip at the back of each one that catches on the side of the unit and prevents the drawer from sliding out when fully open. Love this touch - so many times I've pulled out a Muji or Ikea drawer and it's gone flying and tipped eyeshadows all over the carpet.

Also very handy - each drawer has a slot for a label. I've only just begun filling the drawers up and am labelling as I go (and noticing myself creating a slightly disturbing makeup apartheid between high end and drugstore). I might start over and re-do the labels on my typewriter.

The makeup storage/parts cabinet was £41.99. This is one of 3 versions - the 16 drawer one is £26.99, and the 36 drawer is £56.98.

I bought mine from Machine Mart in Edmonton, London. The guys there were incredibly helpful and friendly (putting many beauty counter SA's I've met to shame). It does weigh about 10kg so it gave my arms a bit of a workout coming back from the bus-stop.

Clarke Parts Cabinet 25 drawer, Machinemart.co.uk, £41.99

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  1. It looks fab! I love the little dividers too. It appeals to me a lot more than the clear acrylic types of storage.

  2. That is a fab idea! My makeup is a bloody great big mess, strewn all over my dressing table.

  3. Eeek, I love it! Makes me miss my red mechanics tool box I used to use for make-up storage.

  4. Love at first sight! Of course, I use an old library card catalog for my makeup, LOL!

  5. Ooo I like this idea! Wish it came in other colours though.x


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