Saturday, 5 May 2012

Illamasqua's Bank Holiday Nail Polish Sale

Cause it's a good old Bank Hol, Illamasqua are putting 15 of their most popular polishes on sale at a 45% discount. They're the most popular according to the Illamasqua Facebook page, where readers have been voting to pick the candidates for the Bank Holiday bargain-fest. They'll be £7.50 each, reduced from £13.50.

There are 5 polishes going on sale each day. Today (Saturday) the shades are:
Gamma (neon orange)
Radium (chartreuse creme)
Vice (Burgundy-plum rubber finish)
Rampage (bottle green jelly)
Faux Pas (Cadbury-purple rubber finish)

They're pictured above.

Sunday's shades:
Bacterium (ochre/beige with silver shimmer)
Scorn (black with matte finish)
Poke (bright purple shimmer)
Load (opaque cream)
Collide (bright guava pink creme)

Alarm (orange-red creme)
Phallic (navy blue shimmer)
Jo'Mina (vivid neon lilac creme)
Lament (dusty mid-tone coral creme)
Scarab (metallic burgundy-brown)

To see nail swatches of all these polishes in one place, have a look at this page on the  Illamasqua Social site

There's surely enough here to kill off a few lemmings. I'll be ticking off Bacterium and Jo'Mina. I'd also have liked to pick up a backup of the lovely Muse. I wonder why that cult-status shade didn't make the ranks?

Will you be indulging your inner polish fiend?

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  1. Oooh thanx for posting this! :)


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