Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Goodbye Bloom haul

Australian cosmetic line Bloom is being phased out of Superdrug, and since my local branch is selling the line at 50% off, I decided to pick up some bits to remember them by.

Eyeshadows in Slate and Night Sky (£6, were £12 each), liquid eyeliner in Ebony Brown (£6, was £12), and makeup base (£8, was £16).

The boxes are a bit bashed around, but my clever Superdrug in Harringay keep all the products in a locked drawer and box them up only when you buy them, so they are all pristine.

The eyeshadows come in smooth round compacts with mirrors inside the lids. They remind me of giant pinkish metallic Go counters.

Night Sky is a teal/blue duochrome. It reminds me a bit of MAC Tilt, but it's more fine and light in application and has a slightly sparkly finish.

Slate is a deliciously cool taupe with moderate shimmer and a slight khaki nuance. It's very pigmented when applied and would make a good crease shade.


Liquid eyeliner in Ebony Brown. This is a polymer liner with a nimble, fine brush. The shade is virtually black and has some very subtle gold shimmer. This held tight without cracking or peeling once it had dried. It comes off easily with oil-based remover though.

I picked up the makeup base hoping it might serve as a replacement for my dwindling supply of Paul & Joe Moisturising Primer N. It has a sunscreen, accordingto the packaging, but I'm not sure what factor.It's silicone based/oil-free, but doesn't feel siliconey - it's just like a lotion and sinks quickly into the skin. It smells of lavender. 

Finally, here's a quick snap of how the eyeliner and Night Sky look when applied. You can see the duochrome effect of Night Sky in the crease of the eye, where it becomes purple-blue.

I'm sorry to see Bloom go. I don't think it was ever right for Superdrug - a brand at this pricepoint and with this quality of formulation and packaging really deserves a staffed counter to allow it to shine. Stuck on a fixture alongside wallet-friendly unit-shifters like Sleek and Barry M, it could only ever look overpriced.

Have you picked up any farewell Bloom buys? Would you like to see this brand sold elsewhere in the UK?


  1. I've never tried anything from this brand, but did see it in Superdrug but always strayed away because of the prices. I agree, it doesn't belong in a place like Superdrug. I think that's also much the same reason UNE does so badly at Boots, because it's surrounded by much cheaper brands. xx

    1. I think Une is a great brand, and it's not too pricey for the quality, but I think where it loses out in Boots/Superdrug is on the colour range. Their colours are so subtle that they get dwarfed by all the brights and different finishes of other brands. Out-there novelty is where it's at in the industry at the moment, and Une's timing is unfortunate. Again, it needs a counter to shine.

  2. The one time I got to looking, at the Marble Arch branch, I chose a lipstick only to realise that there was no stock of that colour:(

    1. Oh, boo. I wonder if you'd find it up for swap at makeupalley.com?

  3. I've not heard of this brand until now. Typical, it's being discontinued at what I assume was the only retailer in the U.K.? You aren't aware of it being sold any where else?


    1. Hi Ali,

      I believe Bloom is/was exclusive to Superdrug, although it used to appear in department stores back in the day. If you're keen to try a particular product, I can only suggest trying to set up a swap on makeupalley.com. Bloom's an Aussie brand and swappers over there will be able to get hold of it easily.

  4. I'm so gutted to see this go! It was my favourite make up brand at uni and now I've moved away and it's not being sold anywhere.

    The eyeshadow is being sold here though http://buy.cosmeticsnow.co.uk/iteminfo/bloom-eye-shadow-nosage-shimmer-3g?ad_type=pla&target_id=59399720391&ad_id=35118245871&gclid=CNL7ueeXk7gCFbQetAodGEAA5w

    and the Lip tint (my personal favourite!) is being sold here http://www.lavishchoice.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=lip+tint+spf+8+bloom

    Not sure what the sites are like, as they might just have bought out Superdrug's remaining stock, but any is better than none!

    Really hope they get taken up by a proper, suitable UK distributor.

  5. Really sad to see this brand go! I loved it so much and the lip tint is my favourite everyday lip colour. So soft, sheer and smells/tastes lovely (always a plus)

    I've done a quick check though and you can get the eyeshadow here: http://buy.cosmeticsnow.co.uk/iteminfo/bloom-eye-shadow-nosage-shimmer-3g?ad_type=pla&target_id=59399720391&ad_id=35118245871&gclid=CNL7ueeXk7gCFbQetAodGEAA5w

    And the lip tint (yay) can be found here; http://www.lavishchoice.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=lip+tint+spf+8+bloom

    Small sites like this probably bought remaining stock from Superdrug, but if you search it on google and select 'shopping' you can often find things that are normally a bit hidden away! :)


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