Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fishnet Showdown: Nails Inc vs Barry M

It's no secret that the magnetic polishes on the UK market all bear a telling similarity to one another and almost certainly come from the same source, repackaged for different brands. The now-familiar wave pattern is the same across all the brands I've tried.

Barry M recently released 4 magnetic polishes with different magnetic patterns - stripes (horizontal), fishnet, starburst, and stripes (diagonal). This is an unprecedented range of magnet designs.

So having had a chance to try out Nails Inc's new fishnet polish in Spitalfields recently, I decided to compare their fishnet to Barry M's version.

I've used the same polish (the Nails Inc) for both of these swatches. It's quite a lovely colour in its own right, a metallic grass green. (Again, my nails were busy, so the chewing gum packet has been pressed into service once more.)

I was fully expecting the fishnet to be the same, but no, they're quite different. Nails Inc's magnet is a tighter and more intricate fishnet, whereas Barry M's is a broader and less uniform design with a sequence of oval patterns.

I much prefer the Nails Inc magnet. However given that the Barry M polish is £4.99 per bottle and the Nails Inc costs £13, I do appreciate that this is quite an expensive preference.

Nails Inc Spitalfields, £13 for 10ml
Barry M magnetic polishes, £4.99 for 10ml

Disclosure - Nails Inc product is a press sample

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