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Diego Dalla Palma Snow White and the Huntsman palette

A move tie-in palette? A movie tie-in palette featuring fairytales? It's a proven formula, and it's one that Diego Dalla Palma has embraced with this Snow White and the Huntsmen palette, out now at Tesco costing £25.

OK, it's not as ornate or mushroom-laden as Urban Decay's Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows, but they're there, kind of (on the press release). And given that I love all kinds of fungi (yes really), I was instantly off on a good foot with this palette after seeing this artwork on the printed mailer accompanying it:

The film-of-the-palette is a fantasy-epic in which Snow White (Kristen Stewart) puts the Wicked Queen (Charlize Theron)'s nose out of joint by threatening to surpass her beauty. The White Queen sends a huntsman to track her down, but Stewart won't go down without a fight, and... you can probably guess the rest. The film celebrates Universal Films' 100th birthday, hence the timeless fairytale theme. It's also made by the producers of the Alice In Wonderland movie that spawned the Urban Decay palette, interestingly enough.

Colourwise, the palette provides everything needed for a warm neutral eye with a bright red lip - definitely a Snow White sort of look. There are 6 shadows - 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, running from bone to chocolate left to right across the palette. There's also a black eye kohl pencil and a bright red lipstick.

L-R Snow, Shield, Mirror Mirror

L-R Fairest, Destiny, Battleground

They're moderately pigmented and quite smooth to blend. There's no "wow" shade, although Mirror Mirror looks stunning when built up into a smokey eye. The shades are really beginner-friendly, so this would be a good palette for someone starting out with eye makeup who wanted a few basic colours to use as a sandbox.

The shadows are presented in generously-sized pans sunk into the palette's cardboard fascia. There are no pull-out drawers or hidden compartments. The lipstick and eye pencil sit in wells in the cardboard. Thanks to the palette's thoughtful designer, there's a red ribbon to pull which lifts the lipstick out of the well, and a half-inch of free play in the eye pencil well, enough room to get a fingertip in for leverage.

I wonder what kind of people design makeup palettes. Wouldn't that be a great job?

The lipstick itself is a semi-translucent cool red that's definitely not a beginner-friendly shade. As you can see in the swatch above, the colour is buildable, but even a single light swipe creates what might be called a "statement lip". The texture is waxy and quite stiff - you'd definitely need a balm underneath it, although being quite "sticky" means it wears well and doesn't slide off the centre of the lips easily.

The lipstick packaging is gorgeous - the mid-weight white tube is slightly flared at either end, and the interior casing is matte black, creating a lovely contrast with the red bullet and shiny white outer. The twist-up movement is smooth and feels well-constructed.

The kohl pencil doesn't stand out a mile from any others I've tried. It's a matte black, applies smoothly and would be soft and pigmented enough for waterline use. It's not waterproof though, so would need re-touching during the day/night. Diego Dalla Palma does make a waterproof eye pencil, so if you found yourself loving the brand and the palette, you could easily trade it for the waterproof version (£14).

Here's a quick FOTD using colours from the palette:

Finally, here are the two lead actresses as they appear in their roles.

It would be perfect if there were a second palette reflecting Charlize Theron's character - blues and iridescent shimmers and things. Maybe with a mascara instead of the lipstick.

The £ for £ value is staggering - a full size Diego Dalla Palma lipstick alone retails at £14, and Tesco estimates the full value of this palette at £105 - so for £25, it's an excellent way to "meet the brand".

The film is out on 1 June. I won't be going - Kristen Stewart drives me nuts. I'd much prefer the stunning Charlize Theron to win out.

Snow White and the Huntsmen palette by Diego Dalla Palma, £25 at Tesco Direct

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  1. The shadows definitely aren't WOW or anything I've not seen before, but I agree, them and the red lipstick do make for a good Snow White look. I understand it's a relatively cheap palette, I just wish it looked a bit more decorated! xx

    1. I know what you mean Lauren. Would it have killed them to include just one or two teeny mushrooms?

      It's a good-quality bit of kit though, and definitely great for gifting to someone who needed some basics.


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