Sunday, 27 May 2012

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms 2012

I've developed a bit of a thing for these limited edition balms from Clarins, ever since my socks were rocked by the Crystal Coral one last year.

This year there are 4 of them (there were 3 last year - they're multiplying!), and they come with a new trick, namely a core of colour down the middle of the bullet. The shades are 01 Crystal Pink, 02 Crystal Violet, 03 Crystal Coral and 04 Crystal Red.

The texture hasn't changed much despite the lipsticky bit in the centre - they're still quite light and moisturising. However the colour is more intense than before, so they're slightly less "on-the-go" appropriate. You may want to use a mirror when applying to avoid streaky colour or "colouring outside the lines" disasters.

L-R: 01 Crystal Pink, 02 Crystal Violet, 03 Crystal Coral, 04 Crystal Red

Here are a few comparison pics with last year's Crystal Red and Crystal Coral vs this year's. As you can see, the brand name is no longer embossed on the bullet (sadface) but the packaging is the same heavy, classy silver tube.

L-R Crystal Coral 2011, Crystal Coral 2012:

L-R Crystal Red 2011, Crystal Red 2012:

And finally, Crystal Coral 2012 (above) and Crystal Coral 2011 on the lips.

I'm happy to see a bit more colour "oomph" from this year's rendition, but I think the previous version without the colour core is a bit more practical. It depends on what you want the product to do - balm enthusiasts might prefer the old incarnations, while lipstick fiends are likely to be pleased with these more colourful versions.

Each one is £16.50, out later this month and as last year, limited edition for summer at and at counters nationwide.

Disclosure - PR samples (except Crystal Red 2011)


  1. I NEED these! Although part of my attraction to the originals was that they were entirely seethrough, while these aren't...still, they have a lot more colour!

  2. I think i may be tempted to buy the 'crystal violet' what a gorgeous shade xx

  3. I know they aren't meant to be edible...but damn, they look tasty. They remind me of Push Pops!


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